Making people laugh is one of the hardest jobs. The worst part is explaining the joke. The whole fun is gone. Sometimes my Master would repeat the joke. We laughed every time because of the way He would tell it. There are those who do know how to laugh. We watch competitive talent shows on TV where comedians are given only a few minutes to tell jokes. This is unfair to them as comedy is all about the timing. We are all comedians. Only God is laughing. He laughs when someone gets scared of the joker, watching our reactions to making or losing Monopoly money, coloring our hair when it turns grey hair from being wiser, praying to Him as if he has forgotten us and does not know what is good for us, fighting and killing over different religions that are all created in His name, discriminating over the color of the pigmentations of our skin. I wish the world could see that God is having fun at our expense. He could reveal the truth to everyone, but then, who will make Him laugh? So, please continue to be ignorant so that my Beloved Lord has 8 billion comedians. — Satish Daryanani