You can surround yourself with people all the time and yet be alone. You can have many toys to entertain yourself and still feel empty. Our minds can be occupied, yet there is a void. This is being human. If this did not exist, there would be no need for peace or to lose yourself in God. Those who are successful in their fields of work, or occupations, can still feel empty and can easily use their skills to discover everything within themselves. They already have the focus and discipline for hard work and can, instead of complaining, find solutions. All they have to do is change the track. They, too, are alone after achieving worldly success. Use your abilities and skills to find all that is within you. When your mind is completely filled with the existence of God and seeing God as peace, you will never be lonely. You can be completely alone, but that one companion will fill your heart with love and your mind with wisdom. There will be nothing to seek or look for, no void to fill, and no questions unanswered. You become complete. — Satish Daryanani

Woman alone, embracing divine guidance