Being engrossed is both my weakness and my strength.  My weakness shows if I watch a tv program, a movie, the elections, sporting events, or the news—I get so engrossed that I feel I am part of it. Forget about 3D and 4D, it is like 10D. I am inside the event thinking I am one of the characters. It affects me emotionally. Now to the strength: When my spiritual Masters tell stories, I am in the spiritual stories. When they speak about the teachings, I get lost in the teachings. When I think of God, I am intoxicated with the divine presence. When these thoughts come, I cannot type fast enough. So being engrossed, I am completely carried away with whatever I do. For that reason, I stopped watching horror movies like, “Friday the 13th.” As I was born on that date, I started thinking I was Jason. — Satish Daryanani