We can be mad in love, mad at somebody or a situation, mad at ourselves or the world, and our favorite, mad at God. Most people need to be mad with something or they would have a perfect life. If we are mad at the world, then first be mad at yourself for wanting to come to this earth plane again. Become so mad that you can say goodbye for the final time. Then there is no use being mad at anything anymore, as it serves no purpose. It is what it is. So, if you have children, you chose to have them, so why be mad at them for anything. Instead, they could be mad at you for giving them birth, as you were not satisfied in your life. You needed something more. Poor God does nothing and we get mad at Him for creating this world. So let’s make a promise — I will only be mad to fall completely in love with the One who gave me the gift of receiving and giving love. — Satish Daryanani