There are some people whom you are afraid to approach. One day they can be nice to you and then, another day, they can snap at you. They are unpredictable because they are moody. If they are always bad we can leave them alone. If they are easy then we would have no fear in approaching them. I used to check to see if my spiritual Masters were in a good mood before I said anything that pushed their buttons. Then I realized they were always in a good mood, they just did not want me to take them for granted. Even God might be scared to reveal Himself to a moody person, as He might get rejected. Moody people have the biggest roller coasters rides as they can be the best, or worst, of humanity. They do not have equanimity of the mind. The smart ones can act as if they have mood swings so others do not take advantage of them. It is good to keep them on their toes. As long as you are the Master of your mood, go ahead and have fun with the reactions of others. Once you become a slave of your moods, the fun of playing this game is over. — Satish Daryanani

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