My friend once told me, “You like traveling in first class because you like being pampered.” That is true but I also need a wider seat because of my size and a bed on long flights to rest my back. I was pampered by all my spiritual Masters. I did not just follow them for spiritual evolution. I got good food, nice places to stay, and wonderful places to see on my travels with them. Along the way, to please them, I showed some interest in their teachings. I never wanted to see God and to know the truth. I just enjoyed their friendship and unconditional love. They were smart, and I loved toying with their brains. I tested their patience to see if they were truly evolved souls. Now I will tell you a secret: No one pampers us more than God. This part is not advertised. Those who have experienced it will, by comparision, find flying in private jets boring. When I am look for a parking spot, I find it. I seek peace and get it instantly. I receive an answer from within before the question even arises. A shield protects me all the time. I get the tastiest dishes, the best therapist, the best assistance, the best ideas, the best health, the best weather when needed, and infinite love and blessings from my best friend. No one can pamper more than God. Airlines and hotels still have a long way to go in pampering their elite customers. — Satish Daryanani

A pampered cat