Each one of us is brought up in a particular manner, with different beliefs and limitations. That should never stop us. A child who once sold tea has become a prime minister. We have equal opportunities for success. What do you really want out of life? Decide and stick with it. It does not only have to be spirituality. It could be anything. There is no judgment about what you choose. Once you know your goal, have a laser focus to attain it. Not all are meant to become realized souls. Your life is your own. Waste it or make something out of it. Lack of faith in yourself hinders your growth. Do not blame anyone or anything for your situation. If you are fed up with your job, leave and get another job or start your own business. If your health is bad, exercise and eat correctly. If you want God, then give God no choice in revealing Himself. You want to serve the world, so crush your ego with the love for others. No excuses, no complaints—your failure in life is because you failed yourself. — Satish Daryanani

Broken chain