When traveling with my spiritual Masters, I heard many people speak about spirituality. Some liked to use words like “transcendental” or “quantum mechanics” or “cosmic consciousness.” Words that are short—like love, peace, service—carry the most value. Even God is a small word. I questioned my Master, “Why are big words used, and why is spirituality made so complex?” He answered, “If I say, ‘All for good, everything is an illusion, now you all can go home,’ then no one will come back.” Our minds want to listen to smart people who say things that go over our heads. We think they have wisdom. The more complex the words, the smarter the person, we reason. Seeing simplicity in spirituality is the sign of a real spiritual person. People ask questions like, “Have you seen God?” My answer is, “Show me where God is not.” “Have you attained deep inner peace?” My answer would be, “I have nothing of value that is worth disturbing my peace.” “Who is your God and which religion do you follow?” The answer: “I see God within you, and my religion is love.” Many simple words can have more meaning than big words. By using big words, we just show off our linguistic skills. — Satish Daryanani