We do not enjoy bitter medicines, or bitter foods, yet they can make us feel better. Similarly, bitter words from those who truly care for us make us better human beings. My spiritual Masters would use the sweetest words to draw me closer to them, and then would come bitter words that would rip me apart. I would feel me wanting to never see them again. The bitter words benefited me more than their sweet words. We often use the term, “bitter truth,” as truth is not made of sugar. When we disagree about anything, that situation becomes bitter for us. For me, it is easy to be bitter, as I do not like to sugarcoat any situation, and that gets me into trouble. So, if I can give it, I must also learn to take it. We think that we have freedom, but we are all puppets, controlled by the Puppeteer. We just cannot see the strings. Our lives are insignificant. This bitter fact is hard to swallow. We only taste and experience bitterness because we give value to ourselves. — Satish Daryanani