We love to blame others for so many things. We even blame God for many issues. I used to blame my spiritual Masters when they would verbally butcher me. Yet, we must blame ourselves for everything. If you are in a tough relationship and you want to break it off, it is because you do not have the capacity to handle it. Thank the other person who is showing you all the weaknesses in your armor. You may leave the person, yet you will still be carrying your flaws and the bitterness of the person will stay in your mind. Everyone is created to grade you. Your examinations are taking place every moment. If all you get are praise and kindness from the world, you will think you are perfect. Only when there are disagreements, rubbing and scrubbing, will you know how you are fragile. For the smallest thing, we cry, lose our peace, and have animosity towards others. If someone ignores us because they have previous commitments, we stupidly end years of relationship. We are truly our worst enemies. If someone uses harsh words or abusive language, treat it like a dog barking. We do not understand what the dog is telling us. Words are said to cause more damage than physical pain. In my case, when someone punches me, it hurts. I never understand how words can hurt, there are no physical bruises. Yet, people tell me that the scars created by words can destroy you. So, build a fortress around you by knowing one fact: An actor only speaks his lines because the director tells him to. Actors play their parts so well that they affect you. They deserve an Oscar for making you forget they are just playing a role. — Satish Daryanani

Blame and denial