We seek God’s blessings. We think God favors one person over another. Grace is like sunshine. If you want to get a tan, go outside and get it. Many avoid the heat of the sun, decide to stay in an air-conditioned room, and then complain that they are not getting grace. One day you will reach a point where you know that the receiver and the giver of grace is one and the same. That person is you. The veil of ego separates us from this truth. It separates us from God, so we are not able to bless ourselves. I used to joke with my spiritual Masters about why we were praying for His good health and wasting our time: “If You want You can bless yourself and heal Yourself.” Yet, in spite of being able to heal themselves, the Masters choose for their bodies to go through the cleansing. Physical pain also helps you to grow within. When the seeker and the sought become the same, only then can you become one with the Lord. There are no two beings. As your ego self is no longer there, the divine self tells everyone the merger happened with grace. You, the lower self, cannot take credit. This discourages others from putting effort toward experiencing grace, which comes when it is going to come. Your effort to remove the separation is required. Then when the merger takes place, you can touch your own feet. One part of you is touching the feet to get blessings, and the other part of you is receiving the blessing. You will live in the ecstasy of seeing nothing but blessings. — Satish Daryanani

One's own feet