Blood tests tell us if our bodies are healthy or not and what we need to work on. If the numbers are higher, or lower, than the normal standards, then, with diet, exercise, or medicine, we can make adjustments and bring the numbers within the normal range. Medicine should be the last option. The blood test only tells how the heart is pumping blood, but not the condition of the inner heart. Like makeup covers the flaws on a face, fake smiles cover the flaws in our hearts. That is why spiritual Masters are needed, they give us the real report about our inner hearts. Their job is to convert granite rock into a compassionate heart. Similarly, they work on wandering minds by making them focus on their love of the Masters. The teachings are medicine. Silence is the diet, and service is your exercise. Slowly, your levels normalize. The Master knows the correct prescription for the inner you, like the doctor knows the needs of the physical you. When both aspects of your life are balanced, you have a healthy body, mind, and inner and outer heart. — Satish Daryanani