At the end of Jackie Chan movies, they show all the bloopers that took place during the making of the movies. These make us laugh. Today many movies have copied that. Even sports bloopers make us laugh. In Shaqtin’ A Fool videos on, we enjoy the basketball bloopers. I only wish I had a camera recording my life’s bloopers. They’d start with how I thought children were born and include: the questions I asked my Masters, what I thought God was, the fear of what happens when I die; the tears I shed for the passing away of my loved ones; the anger, stress, and anxiety of all the futile experiences of my life; and the fights I had with my friends. I’d laugh at the ego of thinking I have a strong intellect and of my physical flexibility, stamina and speed I had when I played sports. I’d chuckle at all the notions as to what is real, praying to God for my useless ambitions and desires, all the attachments that are meaningless today. If only I could watch my entire past like a movie, I would be watching the best comedy show. At least let me try recording everything from today so, a few years later, I can again laugh at the bloopers taking place in my life now. The fun of the evolution of your life is watching the blooper show of ignorance taking place in your mind now.— Satish Daryanani

Jackie Chan sequence