There are those who have a lot of wealth and do not show it, while others have little wealth and want to show the world they are extremely wealthy. Also, in the spiritual world, there are some who have reached 95 percent of divinity, but still have in themselves 5 percent of the lower self. With that, they can get wisdom and bliss. Slowly, they get followers and disciplesand then get stagnant. They get caught up in building their base and do not get to their final destination. Then, there are some who have the knowledge, but have not truly experienced everything. They, too, can get followers and write books. They are good orators and can get famous. They even get involved with politicians and like to have their pictures taken with famous people. They are the bluff masters. Some do not show anyone that they have attained anything. They call themselves seekers, like all of us. They feel they are on this endless journey of evolution. In their minds, they are not masters, but students of life. They are the real bluff masters, having attained everything, yet showing they have nothing and appearing to struggle like all of us. While being complete with the Lord, they beg to get a glimpse of the Lord; they show they are lambs, yet can roar like lions. These few divine souls are present among us. Fortunate are those who come in contact with the real deal.—Satish Daryanani