When you go to the ophthalmologist, the doctor puts drops in your eyes to dilate the pupils so he can get an image of your eyes. When you are finished, your vision is blurred. The sun seems very bright and you have to wear sunglasses. It is irritating. Most of us have blurry vision our entire lives. We need to correct our vision. We need a guide who can teach how to see this world correctly. First, stop seeing the world with your eyes. The lens of ignorance has to go. Seeing the world with divine eyes changes everything. All are equal. All have no faults. Everything is perfect. There is gratitude for all that you are enjoying. You are in your own Imax 3D Disney movie. All are having fun. No stress about future. No one to forgive for the past. You can enjoy the vivid colors of the creation. Everyone is wearing a smile. It sounds too good to be true. Yes but, with the divine vision, you see everything is in your dream. All I am doing is describing my Disney dream. In my dream, everything is real. Whatever is in your dream will be true. The correct vision is simple. Enjoy your own divine dream of perfection. — Satish Daryanani