As a child, I spent one year in a boarding school in Shimla, India. It was one of the worst years of my life. I was away from my family and homesick. The motto of the school was, “Might is Right.” That year helped me a lot. It toughened me up and I learned to be independent. It was a Catholic school so I spent a lot of time in church alone and had a long list of complaints for Jesus Christ. He ended up becoming a good friend of mine. I got to appreciate the simple things which I used to take for granted. I was never the same person after that year. I did not want to be bullied ever again so I became strong physically and mentally. I thank that year, as I slowly started getting used to enjoying life all by myself. Solitude became my solace. I used to sit for hours at the edge of hilltops enjoying the views and had no fear of heights. Later, with grace and love from my spiritual Masters, I softened up. Looking back, these words of my spiritual Master made sense—Whatever happens happens for your good. — Satish Daryanani