If you were told, for one minute, to not think of a boat, could your mind do it? When we are told not to do something, automatically our minds go there. Similarly, when we are told to live ethical lives, our minds will wander everywhere. Instead, if it comes from within, with our own understanding, then it becomes automatic. Society forces us to live in a particular way. If the benefits are explained, you will follow it out of joy. If you are told to get up at 4 am daily, sit in silence without moving, and experience peace and wisdom without having any thoughts, you would not be able to do it. If you appreciate the benefits of doing this task, you will get up without an alarm. So, there is no use talking about morality, enlightenment, good karma, or humility. When you want it, you get it all. Inspire others so they want to seek this on their own. — Satish Daryanani