I was in a large, air-conditioned catamaran with a few hundred people. The seas were rough and most of the passengers were throwing up. The others were either sleeping or enjoying the ride. This was a test for your sea legs, to see if you could be balanced and not tossed around. It is easy to enjoy boating when the ocean is like a lake. When it’s rough, those who can enjoy the large waves get a different thrill. They are not waiting for the journey to end. Life is the same, enjoy all that comes. Do not count how much time you have left to graduate, to retire, or to live. Everything has its own charm. Do not miss school-life when you go to college, or college when you are at your job, or your job when you retire. The phase that you are passing through now may be challenging or a breeze. Have fun, either way. How can you have fun if in your current phase you have just lost a loved one? Show your true love for that person by not crying. Laugh and enjoy the wonderful memories of that loved one and celebrate their life. — Satish Daryanani