With police officers today wearing body cameras, we can see the actions they take when they make arrests. Based on these videos, the officers get rewarded or punished. We all have three cameras built within us. The first is for our bodies, the second for our hearts, and the third for our minds. When we leave our bodies, we will get to see the movies of our lives. What will we feel, or say, seeing our lives play in front of us? There are those who, out of fear of God watching their movies, will try to live a moral life. My life is different. I am making this movie of my life to entertain Him, to make Him laugh at my stupidity, and to show the flaws in His manufacturing capabilities. If I do some so-called good deeds, it is not out of fear but out of gratitude for the Lord’s friendship. So, this way, He feels I am not a total waste of His time. I try to find out about the time He is resting, so I can take my cameras to Miami Beach. Knowing my mischievous Friend, He has the recording somewhere. I cannot escape His presence no matter where I am. In the end, the movie of my life is not for Him to judge me but to show Him how much I value of His friendship. — Satish Daryanani