When we have too much of anything, we get bored. Even rich, delicious food at a wedding can get to you. Having a simple veggie burger on the street can satisfy you. If you have $500 billion and still make more money, you can get bored with making money. So, you end up sharing your wealth with others. How can anyone get bored of grace, which everyone prays and begs for? You should have permanent awareness of grace. The one who sees nothing but grace, every second, gets overwhelmed in grace. There is grace, grace, grace, and nothing but grace in the world. You even stop thanking God for grace as you will be doing that every second. Grace gets boring as all your needs, desires, goals, aspirations are completely satisfied. There is no mission or purpose anymore. You get intoxicated by grace. It feels like God, too, got bored and poured all His grace on us. He was overstocked with grace and gave us his excess inventory. Now we are stuck with it. I love desserts, but if I have too much, I get bored and stay away from it. I cannot stay away from grace, as I am surrounded by it. Some people have not found grace and keep on asking others to bless them, or have received so much that they have got diabetes from grace. — Satish Daryanani