In school, I was a Boy Scout for two years and those were the years I enjoyed the most. The Boy Scout handshake represents the older brother protecting the younger one. I was very mischievous and did a lot of pranks on the younger ones while they were sleeping. I love nature, so it was good to leave the city and be in the outdoors. When we work together we cook, put up big tents and, hopefully, avoid getting lost in the woods. The guide who is in charge can either make it a fun or a miserable experience. My spiritual Masters have helped me make life fun without getting lost. We can lose our way easily due to many temptations. Our principles will have no value but, if we are strong-minded nothing can make us lose our faith. To my scout teachers, “Besides teaching me to make all the knots with the rope, you also taught me to tie knots with my convictions in life.” Satish Daryanani