Sometimes we feel we get brainwashed by someone who has a strong personality. People also get brainwashed by watching the same advertisement over and over again. The military uses a similar method in the training of soldiers. In spirituality, too, we need to get brainwashed. If the correct teacher brainwashes us, then we can benefit, otherwise we can be used for the benefit of the teacher. Our brains are strong and, to get rid of our egos and wrong notions, we need a guide to literary wash away unwanted thoughts and desires. Like a child, we need to go back to the original setting. Then our minds are clear to experience God. The mind blocks us from experiencing peace. Sometimes, like the sun’s rays which can be seen for a short time on a cloudy day, we experience glimpses of peace. Brainwashing removes all the clouds of ignorance. You have to find the correct person first before you let someone brainwash you. In the meantime do not be influenced by the worldly brainwashing. They are only using you.— Satish Daryanani

light in a dark forest