In my school, in India, we were not allowed to use calculators in class. When I came to the USA for my high school we were allowed to use calculators. Life became so easy. Instead of using my mind I was using an instrument. I could make a mistake but, calculators only mess up if you punch wrong numbers. Today we have so many gadgets to make our lives easier and we do not tax our minds by depending on memory. Yet, our minds are messed up even more. We have nothing with which to occupy the mind so it gets caught up with social media. Spirituality grows in demand as the mind goes out of control. We go to the gym to exercise because our bodies are not taxed to earn a living. The less we use our bodies and minds the more we need meditation and exercise to keep in shape. Let’s calculate how much time we use our minds in productive things instead of thinking of things that may not happen. These daily thoughts help me the most, as my mind is occupied with the ways I can mess with the minds of others. Satish Daryanani