The answer is no. First, we are all saints, we only have to realize it. Second, a saint is one only in the eyes of others who may think that he is a saint. The one who is a saint will never think He is a saint. Being spiritual and performing miracles can bring sainthood after death. While such people are alive, they do not think they are saints. They are only trying to reform themselves to serve others. Even so-called miracles take place through their prayers. They believe they are only instruments of the Lord. They cannot see the halos above their heads, which are depicted by artists in paintings only after their deaths. Anyone who lives for the sake of others and who practices and spreads the teachings of the Lord is living a life that people call that of a saint. The humility of a saint is he will always see himself as a seeker aspiring to become a saint. — Satish Daryanani

silhouette of a saint