I would love asking this of my spiritual Masters. I loved to pick them up at the airport, wait for the plane to land and see their smiling faces as they approached from a distance. I loved listening to their talks while they were in town, they picked up my soul. God, too, will be waiting at His airport to pick you up, yet for Him, there is no excitement of seeing us, as no one will be on the flight. We are all happy in our daily lives that no one wants to leave. The journey of the lifetime has no passengers. The one who really wants to pick us up has no takers, because we feel we have to give up everything. It is true, for a short time, then you can go back to the best of both worlds—God, divinity, wisdom, and peace when you want it. Movies, massages, the Super Bowl, money, name, fame, power, possessions, family, friends, stress, anxiety, desires, and attachments. All the aspects are in your control. You become the Master. Ignorance is to move along with your prison mates. Wisdom is to move along with realized souls. — Satish Daryanani