No, no one can cheat you. Everything that happens is the result of the law of karma. What you sow, so shall you reap. You are allowed to do your best to protect yourself and, in the end, leave it in the hands of the Lord. Even if people cheat you, have empathy for them, as they do not know the price they will have to pay. Whatever is due to you will still come to you, no one can stop that. At a higher level, we are all the same. You are only cheating yourself if you think you have cheated others. Cheating others is a test, as your mind plays tricks, justifying cheating. You may believe you deserve it and have even earned it. You are only fooling yourself. When you have to pay the price, it will be too late. All the regret will not help. The one who gets cheated can even say that this has come from the loving hands of the Lord. Father knows best. You know, after having done your best, there is no guilt. Your spiritual test is to be able to forgive the one who has cheated you, to still be able to see God in them. They have lost their way due to greed, insecurity, or being hurt. All you can do is pray for them. Spirituality is easy to talk about and write about. When you experience the roasting, your reactions determine your spiritual growth. To still roar and say, “All is for good.” Then you see the Lord smile and say, “You are my child, as you are rejoicing in My will.” — Satish Daryanani