The answer is yes. We can even attain spirituality by hating God or by believing God is non-existent in our lives. An orphan who does not know his parents still has the DNA of the parents. Similarly, we have God’s DNA in us. We then depend on our minds alone for our spiritual evolution. Just repeat, “I am not the body, I am not the mind, immortal self I am,” or “I am that.” With a strong and focused mind, there are many ways with which the real truth can be attained. But for weak, wavering minded and lazy people, like me, loving God is a short cut. Using my heart is easier than using my mind. It is easier to focus when I imagine my head in the lap of the Lord and the Lord showering me with love. I’m not seeking spiritual growth or the truth, I’m just enjoying God. First, He kills your ego in a very painful process. It is easier with God, as God’s love is a painkiller. Then, one day, when the Lord pours everything on you, you become His secret agent. Instead of a license to kill a person, you get a license to kill people’s egos. Without God, all this can happen, but it is a very dry, lonely process. If you want, you can try without God’s help. If you fail, the safety net of God is always there. — Satish Daryanani

woman on safety net