Seeing the end of the land and watching two oceans meet, is a wonderful sight. I was trying the see the line between, but there were only rough waters. There are those who go by road and walk to enjoy the view. Being in a helicopter and seeing it from the air gives a whole new perspective. The waves were not that big. The endpoint of the land juts out. Then, you see the infinite ocean all around, as there is no more land. Similarly, we, too, are surrounded by the turbulence of life—waves battering on all sides. Others are enjoying, watching this steadfast point. You, like the land, can remain still and not be affected, seeing the wonderful view, instead of letting the elements around control you. Then you, too, will become a beacon of good hope for the rest of the world. People will come from great distances to enjoy your presence. — Satish Daryanani

Cape of Good Hope