Today in the sport of basketball, three pointers have taken over the game. Other plays of the past, like the hook shot, have been replaced. As a child, I had to sit with my mother for evening prayers. We talked face to face. We had to watch live TV. Paper tickets were required for admission everywhere. Even God has had to adapt. Austerities to attain knowledge, like those that the saints had to go through in the past, have been reduced. There is no need to go to the forest; nice retreats are built on hill-tops. The Ten Commandments are no longer black and white. They have been modified to shades of gray. Spiritual answers that took years to get from within are now instantly available on YouTube or Google. Spiritual teachers travel all over the world, instead of the seekers going to their ashrams. We do a little good and the whole world gets to see it. Now, coming to peace—we occupy our minds with so many things that, if we stop thinking even for a few seconds, we experience peace. Peace is dying to come out, but no one is seeking it. — Satish Daryanani