When someone has your passwords and is no longer involved in your life, you have to change all your passwords and update the information. If our personal information is compromised, we, too, have to change our passwords. We have many passwords, and so we need a place to store that information. We create a new password just to store passwords. What is God’s password? It is love. He never changes it. Everyone knows it, yet few use it. A lot of people do not give value to God, so no compromise of His password takes place. We, too, should have little value so no one will try to access our information. There are some who use the word “password” as a password, mistakenly thinking that no one will think of using it. What is the password for peace and happiness that some know? The password is “Let Go” and that, too, has never been hacked or changed for generations. God made everything simple knowing that very few will use it. The password for experiencing wisdom is “Silence.” He gave us a mouth knowing that few will be wise enough to keep silent to become wiser. God knew a long time ago, before computers, that there will be no need to remember complex passwords. — Satish Daryanani

combo lock showing PASSWORD