Most people do not like Monday mornings and are always looking forward to Friday, 5 pm. Imagine that our whole life was Friday, 5 pm. We look to Friday in anticipation of the perfect weekend we are going to have. The actual weekend may not turn out as well as we imagine it. It rains, there are traffic delays, we get an upset stomach, and so on. Our imagination of the weekend is better than what really takes place. So, Friday evening can sometimes be better than the actual weekend. Now, who looks forward to Monday mornings? The ones who anticipate a perfect week. The ones who love what they do. The rest of the week may not be perfect but, in the mind, they imagine perfection. Make your mind-set stuck on Friday 5 pm, always imagining wonderful experiences. Often, planning and imagining your vacation is better than the vacation itself. The happiness of Friday, 5 pm, is a state of mind. — Satish Daryanani

Coffee-drinking woman