We want God, so we chase Him. If we get God, we get peace, forgiveness, and love and we are in heaven. We think that there is a person called God and we are separate from Him. The reason most people do not find God is because God, as a person, does not exist. The truth is that God is within you, the same you that you think you are. It is very hard to see yourself as the image of God. Our ego will not be able to see this. If, by chance, you are fortunate enough to realize that you and God are one and the same, you cannot tell anyone. Society will think you are crazy. In other words, no one can admit that they have seen God. Now that you know God and you are the same, what do you do? My spiritual Master asked me, “Do you still watch movies?” I got the answer. In the movie, I see James Bond as real and he is my hero. In the same manner, I can continue thinking my friend, God, is real in the movie of my life. I can still talk to, pray to, and trouble Him. I know God is in my imagination, but I make God real to me. By chasing God, you will find the real God within and continue to enjoy the same relationship as when you were chasing Him. — Satish Daryanani

Chasing a shadow