In the TV show, the Sopranos, the main character Tony is suffering from the childhood trauma caused by his mother. My crazy sister’s fear of lizards got passed on to me. Now with the grace of God that fear is mostly gone. What we are today is because of all our experiences from this birth and ones we experienced in the previous ones. If I have anger, impatience and other weaknesses, it is because of my collective past. At the same time, the qualities we develop today also stay with us. Our relationship with God is permanent. We can get even closer or choose to be apart. Peace once experienced is with you permanently. You can disturb it once in a while to bring excitement into your lives. Our parents’ influence can only work till we become teenagers. Then we listen to no one. What I am today is because of my parents and spiritual Masters. If you see faults in me blame them. My excuse is that it is all because of my childhood. Satish Daryanani