We have many childhood memories, some good, and others challenging. Many of my childhood friends are no longer present in my life. I was thinking about what I had thought of God, what I had prayed to God, and what I wanted to be when I grew up. Now I feel as if my childhood had been a comedy show. Spirituality will make you laugh at what you think is this world. As you go within, you will even laugh at your current self. Childhood is not the age of your physical body, but the sum total of all your early experiences. The more you experience the more you grow in wisdom. Being ignorant, now and in the past, only serves to entertain you in this endless journey of life. It is good that though none of us will reach our destination, we will enjoy the journey of self-growth. If again, down the line, we are housebound for some reason, I will remember all my thoughts and reactions during this moment and laugh at my stupidity. — Satish Daryanani