Most parents get involved in who their child marries. They want their child to find a spouse from the same caste, religion, and background, as they feel it becomes easier to adjust. I play with their minds and ask, “Suppose your child met a wonderful person who was not from the same background, would you accept their partner?” Most tell me no, as it is for their child’s benefit to find someone from the same background. I tell them then it is really to do with their religion and not the nature and soul of the individual. They deny and tell me that they are not discriminating because of religion. The fact is that, in our lives, we identify ourselves with our wealth, background, beliefs, caste, and many other rules and regulations, that the children, too, have to follow. Parents are even willing to disown their children because of their beliefs. I have no children but if I did, the happiness of the child would be more important. Marriages can have problems whether the couple is from the same or different backgrounds. Relationships are based on the couples ability to adjust and adapt. There are good and bad people in all communities. I do not identify myself with any particular background. I only like to hang out with good souls who uplift me. — Satish Daryanani