I watched people dress up and get ready to go to church for the midnight mass on Christmas Eve. The churches are beautifully lit up. Everything is clean and decorated. All of this to rejoice over the birth of a Divine soul—to celebrate His birthday. What do we do during the rest of the year for the same person? We show, once a year, how much we love and how much we are willing to do for baby Jesus. How about Jesus, the boy, the teenager, and the young man? It is easy to do our best for one day and not the rest of the year. Those who behave the same, whether it be on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, or any other day, see Jesus always. We can celebrate baby Jesus’ birthday by thanking the Lord for giving us the love of our lives. Every second is an offering to Jesus. So Christmas is just to give and receive gifts, and eat delicious food without guilt, as it is blessed food from Jesus for His celebration. — Satish Daryanani

nativity scene