Coca-Cola is one of my favorite drinks. Now that I am older, I drink it sparingly. It is very bad for my health even though I enjoy the taste. This world is like a Coca-Cola. All that is really tasty is not necessarily good for us. Everything that has a decent taste is very good for our health. What do we enjoy about Coca-Cola? It is sweet and has caffeine, so we do not feel sleepy. The sugar content in the drink gives us a boost and is easily available. If only God was like Coca-Cola, canned and distributed world-wide, life would be wonderful. So God made it even easier, saying, “Think of me, you get an instant sugar high; think of my words of wisdom, and you awake from the real deep sleep. I, too, am available everywhere. There is no charge to buy me and no calories. Instead of the bloating of your stomach, you will be bloated with peace. Both will make you say, ‘AHHH!’ like the commercial.” Why then do more people choose Coca-Cola over God? Because He is invisible and is not bright red, with the stripes. — Satish Daryanani

Vintage Coca-cola adverstisement