Those who like coffee or tea, look forward to a break when they can have it. We take a break, or a pause in our routine, to enjoy this hot beverage. Without taking a break, our jobs become mechanical. We lose our creativity. Breaks re-energize us and we are able see things from a different perspective. Now, what will it feel like to take a real break from your life? You will stop swimming against the current of life. You will see how much of your time is wasted with you getting nothing in return. How many people and situations affect you? You will, for the first time get a chance to truly appreciate all that you have. All that you have lost really did not change your life. All the concerns you had are so meaningless now. The person you were, and wanted to be, is so different from the person you became and how you enslaved yourself in this illusion of life. Hopefully, this break will lead to a new beginning where you realize that what is unreal is real and the real unreal. — Satish Daryanani

Woman embracing a coffee cup