In sports matches, sometimes the key players play poorly in some of the matches. Then, in the following game, they become aggressive and win. Athletes are paid millions of dollars to play and yet, while trying to win the championship in the playoffs, they do not put in their best effort. Why do you have to come back from effortless play? Why can you not be consistent and do your best daily? Set a pick, rebound the ball, play defense, and hustle. Sometimes, when you shoot the ball, it may not be your day. You can shoot better with practice and by letting go. The more effort you put in, the more you may overthink and miss your shot. In our lives, we should win all the hustle plays daily. We should have no regrets and no need to come back. Some days you can be off, nothing can be done. Let go and let things fall in their place. For example, I sit in silence and let the thoughts flow. Some might have the WOW effect, others might not. Your routine and effort are the same. What comes is not in your control. Doing your best daily and leaving the rest frees you from the guilt of underperformance. Then there is no need for a comeback if there is a loss. — Satish Daryanani

man crumpled with loss