Spiritual Masters, or God, too, want a comfort zone, somewhere where they can just be themselves and not be put on a pedestal, but be free to come and go when they want. They like a person who treats them like a friend, someone who does not have a list of prayers, who is neither seeking grace nor trying to fulfill his desires, or who is attached to them. They prefer one who, when they get bored from resting, can bring deep spiritual questions that makes them pause to answer. Treating a Master, or God, as an average Joe is the greatest comfort to the one who is always worshipped. They don’t want special treatment or anyone touching their feet. They want no bowing down but for you to behave as an equal, you and they, just being your natural selves. They seek no formalities or protocols, no pressure of trying to please them or the fear of what might happen if you displease them. You are a good buddy, ever-ready for when they need a safe haven. The revolving door of your warm heart is the comfort to the ones who spend their whole lives comforting others. — Satish Daryanani

2 man friends on a beach