A good commercial is one that makes you want something of which you did not think, or have need. For no reason, a new desire is created in our minds and our peace is disturbed. Now we work on fulfilling the desire. If what we have fulfilled is of high value, we worry and try to insure it. This is how our minds work. Out of nowhere our mission of the day is changed, leading to changing our goals in life. When we were young, we wanted to do so much good in the world. Now with commercials, we keep chasing one desire after another. I wish someone had the guts to make one commercial, “We are selling nothing. We are only showing you that you already have everything in your life. Just enjoy it.” If things come due to grace, we can have fun, but we do not need all the new stuff companies try to sell us. God’s commercial would be, “Close your eyes for thirty seconds and see what is permanent. Forget everything that is temporary.” — Satish Daryanani