There will be situations with your family when, no matter what you say, you will be misunderstood and others will get upset with you. If it were a friend, you could avoid him or her. Family members live in the same house as you. First, try not to give them any advice. Even if you keep silent and don’t say anything, they will get upset about that. Now, what to do? Look at it this way. They are here to test your patience and crush your ego. Those who had, or have, a spiritual Master don’t have to worry. The Master does the job. No matter what I did, I was on the receiving end of a firing squad. So, your family member is doing that job. If you do something wrong and get a firing, that makes sense. When you get roasted for saying anything or not speaking at all, it is for your spiritual growth. If you are strong enough, tell them, “You are sacrificing your precious energy to show that you are upset with me. I know I have a tremendous ego, and you are crushing it for me. You are the only one that really loves me. No matter what I do, please continue doing the same. Hopefully, with the grace of God, I will know the correct words to speak to you. I chose you to be my family member, as I have a lot to learn from you.” Thank you, Lord for making me a part of this family. So, my Master, You can retire. I have found a wonderful replacement. — Satish Daryanani