People sometimes ask me which spiritual Masters have attained more in their lives. Anyone who knows how to swim in this world will not drown. This world cannot sink them. Then that person can choose to swim across the English Channel, the Atlantic Ocean, the Pacific Ocean, a swimming pool, or just enjoy floating on the water and relaxing. They can choose what to enjoy. This is not the Olympics where there are gold, silver, or bronze medals to be won. You are enjoying rising above all the miseries of ignorance. You can even go back and sink in the world for your pleasure but, when you get fed up, you can instantly get back to the surface and enjoy floating again. The key is to swim whenever and however you choose. We, with our limited minds, compare all the sages and saints and the miracles they can perform. Then we argue and debate as to who is greater. True saints see each other as a friend who can enjoy life as they can. They do not compare and see who has attained more. They are humble, only seek each other’s blessings, and try to learn from the experiences of each other. So, if you are blessed and one day become a swimmer of life, then you can choose what you want to do with this gift. You can even become a lifeguard and work on saving others from drowning with their egos and ignorance. — Satish Daryanani

Man reading book floating on the dead sea