We have made everything competitive, even eating food. Yet, there is no competition when it comes to the sweetness of sugar. Similarly, how we experience peace, God’s love, or wisdom, cannot be compared with someone else’s. There are many great souls who have gone deep within and have not put their experiences into words. These thoughts come from just a fraction of what is within. Spirituality is infinite. We are all here to inspire each other as seekers on the same endless journey. We cannot even share everything, as it is difficult to express. Competition separates us, whereas seeking the light of wisdom unites us. There are no world records to break in spirituality, as no one has even come close to all that we can experience. There is no Nobel Prize or a monetary reward to win from spiritual pursuit. The reward comes only from knowing that we now belong to a family of lost souls seeking the treasure of treasures. Those who patiently read these words daily are members of this group. Let’s do a collective prayer that with God’s grace, we may experience a glimpse of that for which a human birth is given.— Satish Daryanani