There are people to whom you just say hello and their dam of complaints starts overflowing. If I do not hear a complaint from them I will get a heart attack. At least, if you are going to complain, make it a variety pack. Wife, husband, children, mother-in-law, Donald Trump etc., so we do not get bored. There are those who say business is slow year after year. Then it is no longer slow. You must celebrate and say it is normal. Instead of complaining, work on reducing the expenses or create a new product line. If it does not work, it is a dead horse. Move on. Even if you have to take a job instead of owning a business. At least you will stop complaining. It is because we don’t understand that these experiences are for our own good. Life is a mirror and we have to face our own doings. Complaining will cost you opportunities as people will not want to invest with you. Your relationship with the Lord is tested during challenging times. Work on them and the ride will get smoother. − Satish Daryanani

Cat in defense mode