All my phone calls are conference calls. My spiritual Masters and the Lord have secretly tapped into my phone. They are listening in on my conversations and laughing at my ignorance. It is like when we listen to children’s conversations, hear their answers, and laugh at their innocence, as they do not have experience of the truth. If you are aware that your calls are tapped, you will be careful about what you say. You will not be arrested nor will you be judged, but your loved ones will know and, for that reason, you will be careful about what you say. Slowly, you will realize that, if they can hear your phone calls, they can also listen to your thoughts. Now, you have to be careful about thoughts in your mind. This constant awareness that you are not alone and are always being watched and heard, changes your life. You do not need to pray or meditate. Their presence is with you all the time. Spiritual life is that simple. It is the constant awareness of the presence of God. He is looking and listening, without judging and, definitely smiling at all my moves. At least, He is being entertained by my existence. I am not perfect but, the Perfect One does not see imperfections in me. — Satish Daryanani