When two or more people want to talk, they have a conference call. Today, we also have group chats. Those who have strong minds can also use telepathy. Imagine God’s mind: He listens and talks to all of us at the same time. What technology, or massive telepathic power, He must be using. Those who have big families with many kids and grandkids do not have time for silence. They are always around noise. The more we talk, the more we long for quiet. Poor God, when does He get His quiet time? I wish I could set up one conference call so I could finish all my work with everyone at the same time. I would communicate more with my thoughts and less with my voice. Thank God, so many things can be done online so we have to talk less to operators. God, too, should have a fixed time in which to listen and answer all your complaints at once. Then, for the rest of the day, let Him also enjoy the nectar of silence that He has created for us. One conference call for the whole world. We, too, can laugh, listening to all the silly complaints made by everyone. That will stop us from complaining.—Satish Daryanani