When we send a wire transfer from a bank, we see a confirmation of the transaction. With shipping services like Fedex and UPS, we get a confirmation that the package has been delivered. We wait for the two blue tick marks on WhatsApp to know that the other person has read our messages. How do we know that God is receiving our prayers and devotion? Where is the confirmation that our the messages have reached Him? There is no tracking number. You might wonder if anyone is out there. There are no thumbs up or thumbs down in response to our desires and wishes. Are your prayers a waste of time? All you need to know is that you have done your part. Those who evolve send blessings to the whole universe with no confirmation that it worked. We pray for those who are sick with no guarantee that the prayers will work. There is one confirmation in my life — the Lord is laughing at all my stupidity. My prayers may or may not be answered. Everything is based on what He thinks is good for me. All I know is that He is being entertained at my expense. — Satish Daryanani

sculpture of man listening