A. People are consumed by financial matters, health issues, and family problems. If I only talk about these three topics, I will have an audience for life. Those fortunate souls who do not get caught up in the above are consumed by spirituality. “When will I see God? When will I become a liberated soul? When will I see the inner light and discover the deep inner peace?” And so on. Some souls that are free want to help others with their situations. They create a fifth situation. “God, You had everything. You got bored and created this universe. Now I see all the problems You face. I am trying to help only a fraction of the issues that consume humanity — what must You be going through dealing with 8 billion people who are consumed with these issues?” We consume ourselves with something and our entire lives go by, not resolving even one of the issues. So, those souls who are free get involved in helping others with these issues. Neither God, nor the realized souls, nor the rest of humanity is completely free from things that consume us. — Satish Daryanani

Sculpture head in hand