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A comment on an order from Modesto, CA:

Thanks so much! I’ve been feeling low lately and I saw the advertisement for these today and saw hope! Really looking forward to the meditation one, as I used to meditate all the time, but lately have found myself in a funk. Thank you very much for making such meaningful words so easily accessible, I am truly looking forward to these!

Asked by someone who wishes anonymity:

Thank you for the books and teachings.

My question: is it necessary to have a guru to find God? at age 76 is this possible?

This is the answer offered:

Dear ____,
We go on a vacation to a new town where we do not know the language, the customs or the roads. We take a tour guide so we can find the fastest way to go and enjoy our vacation. We do not get lost and go round in circles. In the same manner we need a guide or a Guru who has been on this journey. He or she teaches us the best, the fastest or the shortest pathway towards finding the goal of our lifetime. This way, we do not spend time getting lost or going in the wrong direction. Age is a matter of relevance. Someone at 26 might not get it even if they spend their whole life working towards it. But, someone at 76, who truly has the enthusiasm, the will, the focus may get it instantly. Realization is free from time. It can happen right here, right now. Or it may never happen. If you do not have a physical Guru, please order the book “To Know Yourself” by Swami Satchidananda. Read it and pray; so that the Guru might lead you to discover the inner Guru within you. The Guru is free from the body-mind complex and he can reveal himself to you when the cry comes from the bottom of your heart. Then, with the combination of your efforts and the Grace of the Beloved, you may discover and realize the ultimate truth and the answer to “Who am I”?.
Thank you.
God Bless

A comment on an order:

A note received with an order for books:

First of all thanks for sending a lot of books to me.. ..I think all these books are inspirational, especially for growing children. …so I think to donate the whole books to my school library. ….

A note received with an order for 3 books:

These books are powerful and have power to change the life. So I like to read these books very much. So thank you very much for spiritual books. — Chandigarh, India